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Who are we?

Pistonheads is 100% owned by Kiwis and operated by Kiwis for Kiwis. Maybe our motto should be " Powered By Kiwis" Most of all we are pistonheads, people who love cars and bikes and pretty much anything with wheels.

What is our goal?

Nothing too lofty, simply to be the platform of choice in New Zealand for the sale and purchase of anything to do with wheels (well almost, no wheel-barrows or lawn mowers please).

We will never expand into real estate, jobs, household goods, electronics etc. Cars, bikes and associated products and services are our lot. We will leave the general online marketplace and classified adverting to the big, foreign-owned sites such as TradeMe, Ebay, Amazon etc.

Where did we come from?

A couple of Auckland-based pistonheads called Stephen and Stephen started talking about the short-comings and costs of online classified advertising for motor-vehicles early in 2017.

Stephen No. 1 (or was it No. 2?) operated a car sales business and was unhappy with the high cost of advertising online and the limited options available. Stephen No. 2 (or was it No. 1?) had some experience with online classified advertising platforms.... so in a eureka moment they decided to create their own site and the concept of Pistonheads.co.nz was born.

Pistonheads.co.nz was developed during the first half of 2017 and '"officially launched" on Friday 18th August 2017. The rest as they say, is history (well it will be when we get there).


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